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Castlerock Bullmastiffs welcomes you to our website! We are dedicated to uniting your family with a healthy, happy puppy or stud service. Our strict standards of excellence is positive assurance that your new puppy will be everything you are looking for in a large breed dog. We have female bullmastiffs named Maranatha, Isabella, and Savannah, one lucky male named Maximus. Our bully's are being raised with our 4 boys. We are a young, close knit, Christian family in South Florida. We are Professional Networkers representing several companies. We keep very busy with our kids, and our companies and our very sweet bullmastiffs!

So many people have questions about the Bullmastiff Breed and breeding in general. So we put together a couple of eBooks. These special eBook reports, Bullmastiffs Secrets Revealed and The Complete Guide To Bullmastiff Breeding. These eBooks are extra long -- over 80 pages and will answer nearly all of your questions!

We hope you will enjoy your visit to . We know you'll consider us your #1 source for some of the best puppies and stud service in the USA, Canada and beyond. Our dogs speak for themselves!


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