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Dog Naming Tips

10 Things To Consider Before Naming Your Dog

So you know want a creative, funny name that won’t embarrass you to shout or get your kids in trouble to say at school. But there’s got to be more to it than that!

Yes and no. Obviously you just want a name you like. But ideally the name you pick will actually achieve the things we’ve just mentioned, AS WELL AS:

  • Make your dog easier to train
  • Make your dog more obedient
  • Suit your dog for years to come

The following list of suggestions to keep in mind when naming your dog will help you avoid the some of the things people regret most after they’ve named their dog.

  1. Dogs find it easier to learn short names – one or two syllable names are best.
  2. Dogs with short names are easier to train.
  3. Do pick a name that’s easy to shout – you’ll be spending a lot of time calling your dog.
  4. Don’t pick a name you’ll be embarrassed to tell people. Sure you’re friends might think it’s funny, but what about your grandparents, or your boss?
  5. Do pick a name that suit’s your pet’s behavior and personality. Speedy’s not a great choice for a dog who sleeps all day!
  6. Don’t pick a name that sounds like a common command – e.g. Sit, Stay, Heel, etc. It will confuse your dog when you try to train him to follow the command.
  7. Avoid the popular names you find on top ten lists. Your dog Max will run off whenever he hears his name called – even if he’s not the Max being called!
  8. Don’t pick a name you’ll have to explain to people. It might be really funny if you’ve seen the movie, or read the book, but sooner or later you’ll get tired of explaining it to people who haven’t.
  9. Avoid names that will date fast or embarrass you when the trend has passed. Do you really want people to realize from your dog’s name that you used to be a big fan of Vanilla Ice?
  10. Don’t pick a name that won’t fit after your puppy grows up. Baby, Puppikins, and Little One, may not be the best choices.
  11. Pick a name you like! After all, he’s your dog, and you’re going to spending a lot of time with him, so make sure to have fun!

Be sure to check out our dog naming service to help you with that extra special name!


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