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Mangosteen Animal Stories

XangoBullmastiff Story

We have given XanGo juice to our bullmastiffs for a couple of years now. They have tremendous skin/coats/teeth. These are things we can see on the outside. However as our females deliver their puppies the sacks are the strongest we’ve ever seen! The mom’s recovery is 3 times faster than without the juice less bleeding and more energy. The puppies are very lively right from their first breath. We supplement their diets daily with the juice. I’ve seen the knock offs in stores-but after researching the company and looking at the ingredients - there is NO comparison on the market-and you definitely get what you pay for. Due to our first hand experience we are Firm Believers in the mangosteen product called XanGo.

I would recommend this to everyone and I do!

Randi –

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Dog Testimonial

My sister has an Australian Shepherd. The dog is allergic to dog food so she is on a good balanced diet of cooked human type food. She gets "Hot Spots" on her skin once in a while and the vet can't figure out why. She takes pills for this and they sometimes work for a while.

We went walking on a Monday and the dog had a new hot spot that erupted Sunday. Her leg was red and she had been licking the spot. My sister decided to give her 1/2 teaspoon of mangosteen juice twice a day. I saw the dog again on Wednesday and the spot had cleared up completely. The only way we could find it was to look for some missing hair.

The dog continues to take that dose of mangosteen juice and no other spots have erupted.

Best of luck, Donna

Horse Wound

I have a testimony about my horse - my horse got a wound on his hock - try as I may the cut just got worse, proud flesh developed. So finally I took him to the vet.

I was given medicine, furacin / dex. and instructed to use gloves when applying because it could affect my liver if I got it on me (what about my horse's liver???). I followed the vet's instructions for over a week but still no real improvment.

I had read in a mangosteen book "Getting started with Mangosteen" about using the juice as a wound dressing. Well you can quess the rest of the story - I applied heated the mangosteen juice to the wound for 3 days – on the 3rd day when I removed the bandage the proud flesh came off with the bandage – by day 5 the wound was pink and smooth.

- Dianne - Sat, 31 Jul 2004

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Arthritis in Dogs

In December 2000 after just two months of receiving my greatly anticipated retirement present (a loving Havanese "Pumpkin"), she was diagnosed with Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (aseptic or avascular necrosis of the femoral head). Avascular necrosis occurs when the bone that makes up the ball portion of the hip is damaged from lack of blood supply. In my dog's case the pain was severe with deformity of the hip joint which upon a second expert opinion and further x-rays, surgery was jointly recommended (no pun intended)!

For two months we tried immobilization but this also failed. Surgery was performed and removal of this section of the bone diminished painful bony contact in the hip joint. The surgery improved the condition considerably but did not completely eradicate the hop/skip, giving us additional concern for the continued over-working of her other hind leg.

Pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications are definitely beneficial and so my vet put Pumpkin on them. That offered some relief. I also tried two other well-respected products, including a whey protein isolate. I even took her for a few visits to an animal chiropractor. This helped a great deal realigning her spine. It seemed like she was coping well enough. Unfortunately animals cannot talk. We assumed that she was pain free. I now think we were wrong.

In February 2004 I started drinking mangosteen juice. F.Y.I. I've lost 21 lbs! My sister Susan had severe arthritis; raved that she was pain free within 3 weeks of taking 3 oz. a day of this mangosteen juice juice! So logically, if it works on humans, then why not try it on my animals?

I'm giving Pumpkin just 5 c.c.'s a day syringed into her mouth. The transformation has been nothing short of a miracle! It brings tears to my eyes seeing the difference in her spirit. Pumpkin is like a puppy again racing & actually catching my other Havanese which she could never do before! She's affectionate now showing me how grateful she is. Her personality has blossomed! Each day she surprises me with a delightful new behavior. Her eyes have gone from dull to shiny, her coat from hard to soft. She smiles all he time now . I guess the poor little sweetie had developed arthritis in the surgical site and had been in considerable pain unbeknown to both I and my vet.

I thank mangosteen juice for restoring the beautiful soul of my fur child and bringing joy back into her life. If your animal or someone's pet has arthritis or is prone to hip dysplasia or competitively active in performance e.g. agility, please show them my testimonial. I'd consider it an act of kindness if their animals received mangosteen juice daily. Better yet, suggest that the masters & mistresses taste test mangosteen juice too!

-- Carolyn Angus

Mangosteen Juice Gives Cats and Dogs Long Healthy Lives!

February 3rd, 2007, 9:37 pm

Mangosteen helps Micki Voisard of ‘DogChefs’ give animals long healthy lives.

We just buried our 22 year old cat. For the last 2 years I gave him 1 oz of Mangosteen Juice every day.

The last week of his life when he showed the obvious signs of leaving us, he got Mangosteen Juice 3 times a day since that was all that he was taking in internally.

It seemed to calm him down and in his final hours I put Rescue Remedy in with the Mangosteen Juice and he left this earth peacefully.

I am a Dog Chef and have worked with dogs and cats for 25 years changing their diet to natural food and watching as the animal heals itself when good nutrition is introduced into their lives. I travel the US and the world speaking on better nutrition for pets. The rest of the world gets it, here in the US, we have dragged our feet.

I’ve always recommended food first before supplements, but Mangosteen IS a food, so that was always easy to recommend it to pet owners. I consult with an average of 35 dogs and their people a month and I have had great results using Mangosteen Juice on eye problems, hot spots, inflammation, arthritis, cancer and lethargy. At the same time one is using Mangosteen Juice, the diet must be changed from one of absolute commercial processed pet food to a fresh and natural diet.

Dogs and cats all over the world eat what their owners eat IF the people eat a fresh and natural diet also. Americans have gone too far over to processed food and that’s why the majority of people don’t have a clue how to share their food with their pets. For over 10,000 years, man has been sharing food with dogs.

Along with the daily Mangosteen Juice, my 22 year old cat, Willy, ate a diet of raw meat, occasional goat milk from my neighbors goat, ground up chicken necks and backs, sardines, salmon skin and whatever he chose to take from my 3 dogs plates that eat naturally. Willy ate like this for the last 12 years of his life, never touching commercial cat food.
I believe Mangosteen Juice can help any animal but if you change the pets diet to one of more natural food the results will be beyond belief!

Micki Voisard
Tubac, AZ

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General Health

I am taking Mangosteen & Minerals and I’m having exceptional results.

I started taking it 2 weeks ago because I read a testimonial where it
helped someone with post polio syndrome and since that’s what I have,
along with deteriorating disks, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
and infectious kidney stones, I had nothing to lose but the pain.

I can’t remember the last time that I felt this good. My body is
finally receiving everything it needs to be healthy. My hair is
silkier and my skin is as smooth as a baby’s and I can move around
without being in sheer agony all of the time.

I also have lost 10 pounds already.

I know this product will benefit everyone in some way, so I want everyone to know about this amazing product.

Here’s to our health
Pam, Hamilton Ontario Canada

It wasn't until 40 years ago when scientists first put Mangosteen Fruit under the microscope that they Discovered a Brand New group of Phytonutrients we now know as Xanthones.  (pronounced zan-thones)

Xanthones are 100 Times more Powerful Anti-Oxidants than Vitamin A, C & E and have also demonstrated Tremendous Healing Properties in Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies from around the World.

Naturally occurring, these Supercharged Anti-Oxidants, are found more abundantly in the rind of the Mangosteen Fruit than any other food source on earth.

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