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Stud Service

Castlerock's King Maximus is available for Stud Service, to the right ladies, of course. We also help you find buyers for your puppies. All females must be AKC Registered.  Call or email direct for further information.

Make sure you purchase Randi's latest best selling book, 'The Complete Guide to Bullmastiff Breeding' if you are considering a dog for breeding.  These are all the Secrets to the Incredible Success of the CastleRock breeding program.  From choosing the right stud all the way to raising the pups and finding the right buyers!   This is a great book for all new puppy owners as well as Bullmastiff veterans."

Maximus is very rich and deep red in color. This is rare to find.  He also has a very black mask that makes him stand out in the crowd every time.  He comes from incredible champion lines.  Maximus has been DNA profiled (the same technology used by law enforcement agencies throughout the world) and this profile is registered with AKC.  Maximus has sired several litters, he IS a proven Sire. Details to be worked out over the phone. Call today!

If you are thinking about breeding dogs and would like to know more about the Bullmastiff, check out The Complete Guide to Bullmastiff Breeding.


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